Pocket's Prize Possession
Name ~  Lexi
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Shauna and Dave More
20502 US Hwy 169
Winnebago, MN 56098
Phone: 507-893-3646
e-mail: fivemore@bevcomm.net
9 weeks
3-1/2 months
Lexi has been an absolute lady since the day she arrived from Ruth Vanderhoof''s Pocket Aussies.

6 months
12 months
11 months
She  possesses the natural  confidence and attitude of a winning show  dog while maintaining a very compliant and pleasing attitude. 
Exceptional conformation allows her to  naturally stack a stunning pose in and out of the ring.

She earned both her National and International Puppy Championships in her first show at approx 14 wks old. Lexi  earned her Adult titles in the same fashion, placed first in her class in each show and earned Best of  Breed several times, also.

Lexi is the eternally happy girl; always happy to see you, always happy to do whatever is being done!  Outdoors Lexi is busy trying first to herd and  hurry me along, then going  to work on the horses or something else with more challenging moves than I possess.

As a member of the household  Lexi is an unassuming and quiet companion. She quietly waits for the best moment to slip unnoticed into a choice snuggle spot  without causing the slightest disturbance in the force. 

You could have a  house full of  Lexies and never know it.  She is an absolute Joy to have around.