Lovely Litter of  7 -  Born March 17, 2015
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We have ONE PUP AVAILABLE  AS OF Sept. 12th 2015!!
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Pending   =  Awaiting Evaluation results at approx. 8 wks
Reserved = Deposit Received to hold puppy, but not final
Sold        = Paid in Full and/or gone to new home
Puppy  placements are finalized following  temperament testing and structure evaluations which are done at approx. 7 & 8 weeks of age respectively.
Puppies  are dewormed regularly and a vet exam done prior to leaving our home. For the well being of our puppies we follow a very minimal vaccination schedule. Read the links on our  "Must Read" page if you are  interested in one of our puppies.                                          Please call or email if you have any questions.e to add text.
    6 DAYS OLD
Male #7, Female #4, Male #1, Female #5, Female #2, Male #6, Male #3
Female #2           Male  #3
Male  #1
Female #4
In the Middle
Male  #6      Male #7           Female #5
A considerable amount of time and effort is spent with our puppies socializing and exposing them to children, cats, other dogs, noise, car travel, grooming, bathing, nail care, etc., etc.  Litter box training will be well started by the time your puppy comes home.  As part of the package, good basic puppy manners are always being taught because a well mannered dog is a truly enjoyable dog.ere to add text.
Male Blue Merle #1 - Boomer - At home with Sheldon Gordon, FL
Male  #1
Male  #1
Female  #5
Female Blue Merle #2 - At her new home in Rochester, MN

The home for this beautiful little girl fell through after weeks of patience, so we decided she needed a new, more reliable family. 
Female #2           Female #4
Female #2  (same Calico in Ecko pics!)
Male Blue Merle #3 - Casper has a loving home in Minneapolis, MN
Female #2                                 Male #3
Female Blue Merle #4 - Piper is in her new home with Audrey in Plymouth, MN
Puppy temperaments are continually being observed to aid in the assessment of their emotional abilities and limitations.  Both our temperament and conformation evaluations are done by an outside independent  evaluator.  Conformation and soundness will be evaluated using Pat Hastings' Puppy Puzzle method.

Female Blue Merle #5 - Is settled in Urbandale, IA with the Mullenbach family
Male Black Tri #6 - Is now at home helping with daycare in Mankato, MN!
Male Black Tri #7 - Is Available 9/12/2015 - More pictures at bottom
This is an exceptionally nice young male! I have been busy and dropped the ball on advertizing him as being available. He likes everyone, is gentle and very child friendly. He will make an excellent pet/companion and would be a special bonus for a family of welll mannered children. He is playful but low key and very easy to have around.
I expect this little girl to stay a Toy! 

She is outgoing with lots of personality and confidence, very interactive and interested in what you're doing. Lots of play drive.
She is expected to be a large Toy or small Miniature. She is gentle, sweet, and likes her people.
"Casper" will most likely be a small to medium sized Miniature. He is outgoing, lots of personality and confidence. Good amount of drive.
His left ear has developed color spots on the top and underneath (some copper).. Also is getting dark rim of pigment on lower eyelid. He will be a very striking adult.
This girl may be a large Toy, more likely a small Mini. She is low key and calm. Very sweet, stable, no drama.
Am expecting a smaller to medium Miniature. He is a very interactive, friendly, confident, and playful guy. Very willing to be the first one out of the box experiencing the world. Good amount of drive
Male #7                    Male #6
Expecting this sweet boy to be a small to medium sized Miniature when fully grown. He is a stoutly built puppy.
Female #5                     Male #7  
The effort we put into creating a quality breeding program allows you to receive exceptionally well bred, well socialized puppies raised in our home with the very best individual care and attention.  The Parents of our puppies are tested for a large number of hereditary medical and structural concerns in an effort to ensure puppies that are as healthy, happy and as problem free as possible.

This litter is clear by parentage for: PRA/prcd, HC, CEA/CH, DM.  These pups "may" be carriers of  the MDR1 gene. Individual testing of your puppy would be adviseable and is required to determine that. Please read our "Must Read" web page.  We treat ALL our dogs as if they are MDR1 dogs regardless of test results.
Compact Classic Aussies
Shauna More, PO Box 895, Winnebago, MN 56098
Phone: 507-893-3646
Parents of these puppies:

DAM: Ecko is a richly colored Blue Merle female with large color spots. She is approx. 15.5" tall with one blue, one brown eye. Very friendly to all, loves kids. Can be seen on our site by clicking here "Ecko"                                                                                                    
SIRE:  Shadow is a lovely stoutly built 14.5"  Black Tri male with a very handsome head. He is sweet and gentle  but ready to herd cattle  at any opportunity.
He has One blue eye, one brown eye and a loveyly rich coat. 
More on Black Tri Puppy #7  (Now has Fantastic home, but the picutes below are Fun! Enjoy :-) 
     Male #7  
It doesn't matter what we are doing, this puppy, dubbed Freckles, is there to help. He is great with the kids, low key, likes everybody, retrieves anything but is not obsessive about it, is nice to the kitties and chickens, and is just a pleasure to have around. 

Freckles lives in the house with us (and several other dogs) and is crate trained. He is very easy going, not sound sensive, and while he is playful he is not a high energy dog that is constantly on the move. He is affectionate but not a "needy" pup.  He likes to carry "things" around - like a stray glove, towel, small box, plastic sand pails, etc., etc.

Like many little boys, he likes playing in the dirt and mud, but he also LOVES playing in the swimming pool and comes out well in the wash!  :-)  He will be an EXCELLENT companion for anyone seeking a EASY KEEPER!