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Della   13" tall  
Compact Classic Dark Delight
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Harrison   17.25" tall
GrCh Silvermist Rise and Shine "Harrison"
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  Pending    =  Awaiting Evaluation results at approx. 8 wks
  Reserved  =  Deposit Received to hold puppy, but not final
  Placed      =  Paid in Full and/or gone to new home
  Available   =  Not Reserved or otherwise on hold
Puppies have been placed in their permanet homes.
Enjoy the pictures of what these parents produced.
Most recent pictures are added at the bottom.

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Deposits are currently being taken on this litter.
A puppy's status may be listed with it's picture and is explained below:
A considerable amount of time and effort is spent with our puppies socializing and exposing them to children of various ages, cats, other dogs, noise, car travel, grooming, bathing, nail care, etc., etc.  Our puppies are raised in our home. Litter box training has been learned and house training will be well started by the time your puppy comes home.  Puppies will be accustomed  to wearing a rolled leather collar and (depending on my schedule) may be leash trained as well. Good basic puppy manners are always being taught as a well mannered dog is a truly enjoyable dog!
Puppies  are dewormed regularly and a vet exam done prior to leaving our home. For the well being of our puppies we follow a very minimal vaccination schedule. Please read the links on our  "Must Read" page if you are  interested in one of our puppies.                                                      Please call or email if you have any questions.
Puppy temperaments are continually being observed to aid in the assessment of their emotional abilities and limitations.  We want to do the best job possible in matching your puppy's abilities with your family and your lifestyle. Both our Temperament and Conformation Evaluations are done by an outside independent  evaluator. 

Conformation and soundness are evaluated using Pat Hastings' Puppy Puzzle method.
The placement of our puppies is finalized following  evaluations which are now done.
We have have a plump and healthy litter of  tri colored puppies; 1 red tri female, 1 black tri female,  3 black tri males.  All are nicely marked with collars or a neck splash and lovely face details, no mismarkings.
In the picture above right: the 3 on the left are boys, the 2 on the right are the girls. This picture is a little deceptive regarding puppy size.  The red girl is not the largest, she is the middle pup in size  and the girl to the right is the smallest. The pup left of the red female is the smallest male. (10 days old)
Above pups at just over 3 weeks old.  From the top 11: o'clock going clockwise:
Wickett, Burke, Edison, Mr. Mike, Scarlett
We are blessed with lovely grandchildren to help with the socialization process!
Pictures below are labled, but in no specific order.  Newest pictures are added at bottom.
Red Tri  Female
Black Tri  Male 
           Mr Mike - top            Edison - top
                 Burke                        Wickett
         Scarlett -  bottom
"Wickett". The smallest, will likely stay Toy to small Mini size. She is less than 1/2 the size of Mr. Mike
Their first outing
- 3.5 wks old -
The above pictures were taken when puppies were approx.  3.5 weeks or younger.
The below pictures were taken from 3.5 weeks to approx. 5.5 weeks.
Harrison - is an AKC 3x Certificate of Merit(Champion) winner, has cerificates/titles in Agility, Obedience, Barn Hunt, Herding, and is an active Certified Therapy Dog. We are honored to have him as the sire of this lovely litter of puppies! Thank you Joan Koskiniemi
Harrisons Titles: CM3, CGC, TDI, RN, THDN, HIT, CL1-F, CL1-R, CL1-H,TKN,TKI
*Scarlett has a Reservationpending 8wk evaluations. *
*Mr. Mike has a Reservation and pending sale.*
Scarlett and Edison
" Mr. Mike"
Edison and Wickett
Wickett and Edison
" Mr. Mike"
  Burke                             Mr. Mike                        Scarlott
Mr. Mike - PLACED
Scarlott - PLACED
Burke - PLACED
Mr. Mike      Scarlett        Burke
Clockwise from Top Right - 1:00 o'clock:
Wickett, Burke, Edison, Scarlott, Mr. Mike
Mr. Mike -  PLACED  -  Burke
Some sleep one way,... some sleep another.
     Burke  - Mini                                  Edison - likely stay small, Toy            Mr. Mike - Mini /  Burke - Mini
Wickett - likely stay small -Toy. RESERVED    
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Scarlott - PLACED
Wickett - RESERVED 
The 3 pictures above are of BURKE. He will be sold as a PET ONLY and will be a very handsome, typey, masculine looking Mini male. He has more humorous, droll looks than he knows what to do with, often moving just his eyes to look at you. His temperament testing confirmed a confident somewhat dominat personality with a moderate amount of drive. Meaning, he is playful but he also has an "off" switch. He really likes hanging out with his people, often laying next to my feet when he takes a break in the puppy yard. Firm, gentle and consistent parenting will be the ticket with Burke. BURKE HAS BEEN PLACED with LISA in Fairmont, MN
Mr. Mike     Burke             Edison             Scarlott                  Wickett          
EDISON will be placed as a PET ONLY and will likely stay small - Toy.  He has deep rich color and lovely markings. This is a confident pup,  bright and interactive, very playful, higher energy  with a somewhat dominant personality. He is quick and entertaining.  Edison will do best with an active family and consistent creative interaction.  Firm, gentle and consistent parenting will be needed.   EDISON is NOW PLACED
  Wickett          Edison      Mr. Mike
WICKETT, above, will be placed as a PET ONLY.  While she is our smallest in size, she is not the smallest in personality. She is rather independent and holds her own quite well.  While not quite a bold as her two remaining brothers she is comically playful and entergetic, interactive, and a great snuggler. Wickett will do best with a somewhat gentle family. Firm, gentle and consistent parenting will work wonders.
* WICKETT  has been PLACED and is living in Texas with Craig and Lorraine.
ALL of our puppies have  been receiving lessons in leash training and crate training in an efforts to create well mannered puppies who transistion more smoothly into their new homes.
Edison - Toy size
Wickett - Toy size
Burke - Miniature American Shepherd
Burke,......... Being Burke -PLACED
Scarlott - PLACED     Edison - PLACED
  Edison - PLACED
   Edison  and Wickett
   Wickett  - PLACED
  Edison                 Wickett - PLACED
  Wickett      Edison
  Wickett                Burke