Compact Classic

This agreement is made between:

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CITY:                                                                                     STATE:                   ZIP:                                               _                             
HOME PHONE _______________________ CELL PHONE:                                                                 -_                                                                                                
E-MAIL                                                                                                                                                       _                                                                                                                               

Hereafter referred to as "SELLER" and "BUYER" for the sale and purchase of the described dog/puppy below on the following terms and conditions of the sale. This dog/puppy is a purebred Toy or Miniature Australian Shepherd/ AKC Miniature American Shepherd.

"COMPACT CLASSIC" is a Registered Kennel name. The first two words in the Registered name of said puppy must be: COMPACT CLASSIC

Name: Compact Classic                                                                                                                                 _                                                                                                                                                                                               Age/Birth:                          Color:                                                                                      Sex:                                _   

Sire's Name:                                                                                 Registered Assn.& #                                      _                              
Dam's Name:                                                                                Registered Assn.& #                                      _                                
Evaluation Results:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
The SELLER will provide up to date health information to BUYER at time of transfer of dog/puppy.

All puppies are evaluated at approx. 8 weeks. Upon sale, SELLER guarantee's the animal to be sound and free of diseases at time of transfer to BUYER for a period of (3) days. It is the BUYER’s option to have said animal examined by a licensed small animal veterinarian within (3) days of receipt. If the dog/puppy is found to be in poor health during this time period, as evidenced by a signed, written report by the veterinarian, BUYER will have the option to return the dog/puppy at SELLERS expense for a full refund or replacement as soon as comparable (of equal value) puppy becomes available.  SELLER must be notified immediately if the puppy appears to be ill or is found to be ill by veterinarian! If the dog is not seen by a veterinarian within 3 days, this portion of the contract is NULL and VOID. SELLER has the right to request a second opinion from a non-associated veterinarian within reasonable distance of the BUYERS home. If BUYER decides to keep said dog/puppy they will assume all expenses involved with the animal's care.

Health Guarantee : The BREEDER will replace (equal value) if dog is returned OR issue a partial refund if dog is retained by owner for the following genetic defects with a signed statement from a licensed veterinarian:
1.       Failure to receive a passing rating on hips from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals by 26 months old.
2.       Failure to receive a normal reading from Canine Eye Registration Foundation by 26 months old.
3.       Additional debilitating conditions due to genetic health problems discovered by 26 months from birth of said             dog/puppy.  Thyroid, epilepsy, or immune suppression issues.
Proof of a condition listed in #3 must be submitted by two different veterinarians from two different clinics. At that time BUYER can either keep said dog/puppy and assume all medical expenses with a refund of half of the purchase price from SELLER or they can return said dog/puppy at BUYERS expense for a replacement puppy of equal quality/value.  If the SELLER has decided to stop breeding Toy/ Miniature Australian Shepherds a replacement puppy may not be able to be given.

It shall be noted that the SELLER, after diligent research, has found vaccinations to cause more overall harm than good and documentation to that effect has been made available ( see Must Read page.) It is agreed that only those vaccinations required by law in the location the dog resides will be given to said puppy/dog in an effort to best ensure the well being and natural good health of this dog.

The Agreement to purchase is an agreement to abide by this breeder's vaccination protocol. If BUYER violates this request, all health guarantees are null and void ast the side effects of vaccinations can cause, but are not limited to: thyroid problems, epilepsy, immune system suppression, as well as allergies and a host of other problems – causing many of the same health issues we normally guarantee against.

The SELLER reserves the right to refuse the sale of our dog(s) to anyone at any time.

The SELLER is to be notified if said dog is placed outside of BUYER’s home and reserves the right to first placement or purchase option on any Compact Classic dog/puppy that said BUYER offers for sale or placement.

SELLER makes no guarantees regarding accidental death or sickness due to lack of appropriate care, or poor decisions made by the BUYER.

Shipping costs are the expense of the BUYER. If BUYER is not personally picking up the puppy/dog at Compact Classic Aussies. The SELLER offers to make flight arrangements, will 1) have puppy/dog examined by a licensed   veterinary, 2)supply health certificates for airlines, 3)supply an approved shipping crate and 4)provide transportation to airport(115 miles) for $100.00.(An adult dog may require a larger crate, therefore increased cost.)

Litters are traditionally small with Toy Australian Shepherds and the demand is high. A $200.00 deposit is required to reserve a puppy. The BUYER understands that there may be 2(two) reserves on one puppy. One reserve for a pet/companion puppy and a separate reserve if that puppy evaluates as a show/breeding puppy at the time of the litter’s temperament and structure evaluation at approx. 8 weeks of age.

If said puppy evaluates differently than the Reserve you have placed on the puppy (reserved as a show/breeding puppy and evaluates as a pet/ companion OR reserved as a pet/companion and evaluates show/breeding) it will be the BUYER’s choice to receive a full refund from the SELLER, choose a different puppy (if available) OR wait for the next litter and keep the Reserve on file.

ALL Pet/Companion puppies are sold with the agreement they will NOT be bred and are to be spayed/neutered as soon as old enough, usually between 6-9mnoths. Failure to keep this agreement may result in the animal being reclaimed by SELLER. Registration papers are provided only after proof of spay or neuter is provided to SELLER.

Payment options for a dog/puppy:
1.  By check. This must be paid at least 10 days prior to transfer of said dog/puppy to clear through the bank.
2.  By account to account wire transfer (ACH) prior to transfer of said dog/puppy.
3.  PayPal - plus processing fee – approx. 4%
4.  Cash

BUYER agrees that this contract is nontransferable.

The BUYER has read and understands the foregoing and agrees that all parts of this contract are a binding agreement with the SELLER. If either the BUYER or SELLER takes legal action regarding this contract, action will be initiated in the county of the SELLER's residence and legal fees and court costs shall be the responsibility of the party found at fault.

This puppy/ dog is being sold for $____________________               

SELLERS SIGNATURE:________________________________________________DATE: __________

BUYERS SIGNATURE:                                                                                                  DATE:___________