Blondie and crew. Day 11
Every puppy has a unique personality.  Please let us help you with the very important  aspect of matching the puppy's personality and abilities to your family's  lifestyle and expectations.

A new puppy should be more than  just picking a color.......
This beautiful litter of Blondie x Riggs Babies will be available to qualified homes. Reservations are now being taken.

Permanent homes are finalized following completion of  structure evaluations and temperament testing   when puppies are approx. 8-9weeks of age.

Our show/ breeding puppies are sold on private contract. 

All puppies  are dewormed, eyes are CERF checked and age appropriate vaccinations given. For the well being of our puppies we follow a minimal vaccination schedule.
Our puppies are extensively socialized with children, cats, dogs, noise, car travel, grooming, bathing, nail care,  etc, etc. Litter box/ paper training will be well started or nearly complete by the time the puppy comes to your home.

Good basic puppy manners are always being taught -  a well mannered dog is a truly enjoyable dog.
At approx. 8 weeks of age (early Sept for this litter) puppies are evaluated for conformation and soundness by an independent evaluator using Pat Hasting's Puppy Puzzle method.  Their temperaments are also observed to aid in the assessment of their emotional abilities and limitations.
These puppies have now been evaluated  and their status is reflected with the new  pictures below.

July 7th - 2009
The selectiveness of our program allows you to receive exceptionally well bred, well socialized puppies that are raised in our home with the very best individual care and attention.  In addition to a good emotional start, every effort is made to ensure our puppies are physically problem free.  Parents are screened for several breed specific hereditary medical and structural concerns.
Compact Classic Aussies
Shauna More, PO Box 895, Winnebago, MN 56098
Phone: 507-893-3646

What a lovely litter of RED puppies; one in every size, shade and pattern  you could want!   And Boy O' Boy, do we have BOYS!  Count 'em... 6 beautiful BOYS and 1 gorgeous little Girl.  Every puppy has face and neck white with some white on all 4 feet.  Nicely marked!
Southern Cross Blondie d' Aquataine
   Compact Classic Red Hot Riggs
Sleeping Beauties Day 16  - Little Elizabeth is on top ....  for the moment.
Faces of  the four Red Tri males.......
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At 5 wks old we started playing outside.    It was a howling success! :-)
#7 Wally  - Mini - Show/Breed Prospect - Reserved   
#5  Maverick - Sm Mini -Show /Breed Prospect - SOLD
#2 Rupert  - Sm Mini - Show/Breed Prospect -  AVAILABLE
Pet / Companion price - $800
#4 Toy -  Show / Breed Prospect - On Reserve
#6 Murdock  - Sm Mini - Pet/ Companion
SOLD to Mary Ann  in  MA
#1 Copper - Toy Pet/ Companion
SOLD  to Ashley in VA
We try to be very critical about what qualifies as  a "show/breed quality"  puppy during our evaluations.  Many average show ring puppies will not fit our criteria for show/breed quality and will be  placed as "companion/ pet" puppies.

We make every effort to allow only pups we feel are top show prospects continue on to  show and breeding homes.  The selectiveness of our program is a reflection of our commitment to improve breed quality and consistency, not just produce puppies.
#3 Elizabeth - Toy -  Show / Breed Prospect  - On Reserve

*If you're interested in learning about or becoming part of our show/ breeding program, please contact us and we'll visit.

Please see our Sale Contract for details about the purchase of one of these lovely puppies.

to qualified
homes !
#5  Maverick 
Whether you are looking for a prospective show/breeding dog, an agility dog, a working dog or a wonderful pet/companion -
Quality Matters!