Available 2013
            * Our show/ breeding prospect puppies are sold on private contract. *
If you're interested in learning more about our show/ breeding program,
please Contact Us and we'll visit.
Shauna More
20502 US Hwy 169
Winnebago, MN 56098
Phone: 507-893-3646
e-mail: fivemore@bevcomm.net

We will be placing several of our show/breeding dogs to the right homes in addition to those shown below.
Feel free to call me 507-893-3646

- Ripley - (Toy) 2011 TASAA National's CHAMPION BBX  Female (Our Females ) SOLD

- Trax -    (Mini) IABCA CH - Multi BOB, Mini Specialty Best Head Type  (Our Males) On Hold

- Chisel - (Toy)1 yr Bk Tri male Boo x Chief Litter 2011. page not complete SOLD

- Lizzie - (Toy) IABCA CH - TASAA Nationals Head Type, sister of Chief & Diesel -SOLD